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                edg is renowned for its customer service and performance in the industry. Annual statistics shows that edg has consistently kept high customer satisfaction levels of over 90% and high maintenance satisfaction of over 95%. Close to 70 percent of edg’s annual revenue is contributed by repeat customers or recommended by repeat customers. Starting with project partnerships, edg endeavours to win a client’s trust through performance satisfaction.




                3M Shanghai Caohejing Office

                3M Shanghai Hongqiao Office

                3M Post Tech Shanghai Office

                ABB Beijing Office

                ABB Research & development

                Acbel Polytech Dongguan Admin. Building

                Accenture Beijing Office

                Accenture Chengdu Office

                Agilent Chengdu Tianfu Software Park Phase Ⅱ

                Agilent Caohejing Office

                Agilent Technologies Chengdu Office

                Agilent Technologies China Head Beijing Office

                Agilent Technologies Guangzhou Office

                Agilent Technologies Nanjing Office

                Agilent Technologies Qingdao R&D Center

                Agilent Technologies Shanghai Office

                Agilent Technologies Shanghai R&D Center

                Agilent Technologies Shanghai WGQ Office

                Agilent Technologies Shanghai Zhangjiang Office

                Agilent Technologies Shanghai WGQ Training Center

                Agilent Technologies Shenyang Office

                Agilent Technologies Shenzhen Office

                AIA Beijing Office

                AIA Shanghai Agency Office

                AIA Shanghai Agency Office & Service Centre

                AMD Asia Pacific Corporate Head Office

                American Cancer Center

                American Express Beijing Office

                Amkor Assembly Test Shanghai Factory

                AMP Shanghai Caohejing Office

                Analog Devices Shanghai Office

                Andersen Beijing Office

                Andersen Chongqing Office

                BAA Shanghai Customer Service Center

                Baker Botts Beijing Office

                Barclays Shanghai Office

                BASF Shanghai Office

                BearingPoint Beijing Office

                BearingPoint Global Development Center - Dalian

                BearingPoint Global Development Center – Shanghai

                BearingPoint Guangzhou Office

                BearingPoint Shanghai Office

                Black Stone Beijing Office

                Bloomberg Shanghai Office

                BMCE Bank Beijing Office

                Bo Te Tianjin Building

                Bosch Packing Technology Hangzhou Office

                Bosch Packing Technology China R&D Building

                Bosch Packing Technology Zhuhai Office

                Bridge Information Systems Shanghai Office

                British Petroleum Tianjin Office

                Business Object Shanghai Office

                Cadence Shanghai R&D Center

                Capgemini Beijing Office

                Capgemini Guangzhou Office

                Catepillar Suzhou Office

                Ch2M.IDC China Beijing Office

                China Foreign Exchange Trade Shanghai Office

                China Huanqiu Contracting and Engineering Beijing Office

                Chou Sangsang Guanghzou Office

                CIPE Guangzhou Office

                Cisco Beijing Office

                Cisco Shanghai Office

                CIT Shanghai Office

                Citibank Dalian Office

                Citibank Shanghai Office

                Citibank Tianjin Office

                Citicorp Software and Technology Services Shanghai Office

                Coca Cola Shanghai R&D Center and Office

                Coca Cola Singapore Office

                Compal Kunshan Admin. Building

                Compaq Beijing Office

                Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Guangzhou Office

                Credit Suisse First Boston Shanghai Office

                CSMC Technology Wuxi Admin. Building

                CTS Tianjin Admin. Building

                Cytec Shanghai Admin. Building

                Daikin Chemical Shanghai Office

                Deloitte Guangzhou Office

                Delphi Packard Shanghai Customer Service Center

                Deutsche Bank Shanghai office

                Diebold Shanghai Workshop Admin. Building

                Diethelm Keller Beijing Office

                Dow Chemical Guangzhou Office

                Dow Chemical Shanghai R&D Center

                Dow Corning Zhangjiagang Office

                DuPont China Shanghai Office

                DuPont Zhangjing R&D Center

                Dupont Shanghai Songjiang Admin. Building

                East Hope Shanghai Office

                Eastcom Hangzhou Office

                Eastman Asia-Pacific Technology Center

                Eastman Shanghai Office

                EDI Technology Beijing Office

                Electrolux Beijing Office

                Electrolux Shanghai Office

                EMC Chengdu Office

                Ericsson Shanghai Office

                Ernst & Young Beijing Office

                Ernst & Young Dalian Office

                Ernst & Young Guangzhou Office

                Ernst & Young Hangzhou Office

                Ernst & Young Qingdao Office

                Ernst & Young Tianjin Office

                Estee Lauder Shanghai Office

                Far Eastern Industries Shanghai Admin. Building

                Fareaston Apparel Suzhou Admin Office Building

                Fareastone Shanghai Calling Center

                Federal Mogul Shanghai Office

                FedEx Shanghai Office

                Firmenich Asia Shanghai Office

                First Security Guangzhou Office

                First Sino Bank Suzhou

                Fluor Shanghai Office

                Freescale Beijing Office

                Freescale Shanghai Zhangjiang Office

                Freescale Shenzhen Office

                Fucheng Logistic Shanghai Office

                G.net Technologies Beijing Office

                GE Bank Shanghai Office

                GE Medical Beijing Office

                General Electric Capital Shanghai Office

                General Electric China Shanghai Office

                General Electric Lighting Shanghai Office

                Giga Ideas Shanghai Office

                Gigabyte Technology Beijing Office

                GIORZIO Shanghai HQ Office

                Goldman Sachs Beijing Office

                Grace Guangzhou Office

                Grace Shanghai Admin. Building

                Grandscape Urumchi Admin. Building

                GTC Chengdu

                Guangzhi Electronic Kunshan Admin. Building

                H&M Ningbo Office

                H.O.K Shanghai Office

                Harman Shenzhen Office

                HC Packing Shanghai Admin. Building

                Henkel Shanghai Office

                Hewlett Packard Beijing Office

                Hewlett Packard Chengdu Office

                Hewlett Packard Shanghai Data Center

                Hewlett Packard Shanghai Office

                Hongkong T.D.C Shanghai Office

                Hooker Cockram Shanghai Office

                Hua Neng Chengdu Office

                Huawei Dongguan Office

                IBM BICC Center Beijing office

                IBM Chengdu Office

                IBM Data Centre Yizhuang Office

                IBM Guangzhou Office

                IBM Shangdi Office

                IBM Nanning Office

                IBM Shanghai Learning Centre

                IBM Shanghai Office

                IBM Shanghai WGQ Office

                IKEA Furnishings Songjiang Office

                ING Bank N.V. Shanghai Office

                Integrated Marketing Service Shanghai Office

                Invesco Great Wall Fund Management Shenzhen Office

                J. Walter Thompson Beijing Office

                JLL Shenzhen Office

                Johnson & Johnson Shanghai Admin. Building

                Kasian Shanghai Office

                Kingston Shanghai Office

                Kinpo Electronics Shanghai Admin. Building

                Kyocera Information System Shanghai Office

                LSH office

                Lafarge Aluminates Tianjin Admin. Building

                Linklaters Shanghai Office

                Lite-On Guangzhou Admin. Building

                Logitech Electronic Suzhou Admin. Building

                Lotus Development Asia Shanghai Office

                Lucent Technologies Shanghai Office

                Lucent Technologies Beijing Office

                M.web Beijing Office

                Maersk Logistics China Head Office

                Maersk Logistics Dalian Office

                Maersk Logistics Guangzhou Office

                Maersk Logistics Nanjing Office

                Maersk Logistics Ningbo Office

                Maersk Logistics Qingdao Office

                Maersk Logistics Xiamen Office

                Magnequench Tianjin Admin. Building

                MandAchina Shanghai Office

                Marsh Guangzhou Office

                Mary Kay Shanghai Office

                Metso Automation Shanghai Office

                Microsoft Beijing Wangjing Office

                Microsoft Beijing Sigma Data Center

                Microsoft Beijing Zhongguancun Office

                Microsoft Shanghai Office

                Microsoft Shenzhen Office & laboratory

                Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Shanghai Office

                Molex Shanghai Admin. Building

                Moody's KMV Shenzhen Office

                Morgan Stanley Beijing Office

                Morgan Stanley Shanghai Office

                MSD Beijing Office

                MSD Hangzhou Office

                MSD Nanjing Office

                MSD Shenyang Office

                MSI Kunshan Admin. Building & R&D Center

                NBBJ Shanghai Office

                New Island Shanghai Admin. Building

                Newbridge Networks Shanghai Office

                Nikon Shanghai Office

                Nokia Siemens Networks R&D and Training Center

                Noval Plaza Shanghai Office

                Novartis Changshu Office

                Novartis Changshu Office Phase 2

                Numoxy Shenzhen Office

                nVIDIA Shenzhen Office

                nVIDIA Shenzhen Office

                Ochirly Guangzhou Office

                Orchirly Shanghai Office

                Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Shanghai Office

                Oracle Beijing Office

                P&G Technology Beijing Office

                Pacific-KC Beijing Office

                Pall Filter Beijing Office

                Perkins & Will Shanghai Office

                Perkins Eastman Shanghai Office

                Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Shanghai Office

                Philips Electronic Components Shanghai Admin. Building

                Plantronics Suzhou Admin. Building & R&D Center

                PricewaterhouseCoopers Chongqing Office

                PricewaterhouseCoopers Shanghai Office

                PricewaterhouseCoopers Suzhou Office

                PVM Shanghai Admin. Building

                Qiao xin real estate Beijing Office

                Ricoh Beijing Office

                Ricoh Electronic Shanghai Technology Lab

                Ricoh Software Technology Shanghai Office

                Rio Tinto Shanghai Office

                Saatchi & Saatchi Guangzhou Office

                Schenker Logistics Shanghai Office

                Schneider Beijing Office

                SCI Systems Kunshan Admin. Building

                Sears Shanghai Office

                Sengpai Hospital Engineering Beijing Office

                Siemens China Beijing Admin. Building

                SMIC Beijing Admin. Building

                Sony Ericsson Beijing Dong Huang Plaza Office

                Spencer Stuart Shanghai Office

                Spirax Sarco Shanghai Project

                SPX Shanghai Office

                Sun Microsystems Shanghai Office

                Sybase Software Beijing Office

                TaiJinBao Suzhou Admin. Building & Taiwanese Dorm.

                Tencent Shenzhen Office

                The Blackstone Group Beijing Office

                Themo Fisher Scientific Beijing Office

                Ting Hsin Tianjin Admin. Building & Training Center

                Tino Zhangjiagang Office

                Tishman Speyer Shanghai Office

                Trane Shanghai Office

                Trendiano Co., Ltd Headquarter Guangzhou Office

                Tricon Energy Shanghai Office

                T-Systems P.R. China Ltd., ShenZhen Office

                UL Nansha Office

                Unilever Shanghai R&D Center

                Verigy Shanghai Office

                Wal-mart Shenzhen Office

                Wenzhou Credit Corporate Bank Admin. Building

                Xin Yu Guangzhou Office

                Yahoo China Beijing Office

                YML Dalian Office

                YML Guangzhou Office

                YML Nanjing Office

                YML Qingdao Office

                YML Shanghai Office

                YML Tianjin Office

                YML Wu Han Office

                Yu De Technology Chongqing Office

                YUM Shanghai Grand Gateway Plaza Office

                YUM Qingdao Office




                Alexander MCqueen Bj Sanlitun

                ANZ Bank Beijing Branch

                ANZ Bank Shanghai Xintiandi Branch

                ANZ Bank Chongqing Branch

                Asian Development Bank

                Auchan Hypermarkets Shanghai Joinery Works

                Auchan Hypermarkets Suzhou Joinery Works

                Aurora Museum

                Aurora Shanghai Head Office & Showroom

                Aurora Shanghai Huaerdeng Showroom

                Australian Pavilion in Shanghai Expo


                Barbie Doll Shanghai Flagship Store

                BEA Chongqing

                Blumarine Nanjing

                Bobbi Brown Nationwide

                Buynow Information Square Shanghai Huaihai Shop


                Charles Jourdan Beijing

                Charles Jourdan Hangzhou

                Chanel Nationwide

                Chopard GZ Friendship

                Chopard SHWGM

                Chongzhou Kindergarten

                Citibank ChongQing Branch

                Citibank Beijing Zhongguancun Retail Bank

                Citibank Guangzhou Branch

                Citibank Headquarter MER Room & Flagship in Shanghai

                Citibank Shanghai Longzhimeng Branch

                Citibank Shanghai Peopole' Square Branch

                Clarins Beijing SKP Spa

                Clarins Shanghai Plaza 66 Spa

                Clarins Shanghai IFC???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

                Clinique Nationwide

                Coach Shanghai Hong Kong Plaza Flagship Store

                Coach Dalian Mykal????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

                Construction Bank of China Shanghai Changning Branch

                Corneliani Hangzhou Eurostreet Concept Shop

                Corneliani Shanghai Friendship

                Corneliani Westgate Mall

                Corneliani Enterprise World Showroom


                Dalian Victory Department Store

                Dalian Victory Restaurant & Club

                Dunhill Shanghai Friendship

                Duty-free Shanghai

                Dsquared BJ Sanitun

                Dsquared Nanjing Deji


                Erdos Everday Department store B1 supermarket

                Ermenegildo Zegna Beijing SKP

                Ermenegildo Zegna Hangzhou Tower

                Ermenegildo Zegna Phillipine MAKATI

                Ermenegildo Zegna Bund 18 Shanghai

                Ermenegildo Zegna Jakarta SENAYAN

                Ermenegildo Zegna Switzerland Lugano


                First Sino Bank Suzhou Branch

                Fogal Beijing Boutique

                Forevermark Shanghai

                Frank Muller Dalian Mykal


                Harbin Grand Shopping Center

                He An Garden (Beijing) - Public Area

                He An Garden (Beijing) - Senior Manager Apartments

                He An Garden (Beijing) - Villa

                Hermes HK Plaza Shanghai Office

                Hugo Boss Shanghai Flagship Store 3 on the Bund

                Hugo Boss Beijing Lufthansa

                Hugo Boss Beijing Yansha Outlet

                Hugo Boss Beijing Lotte Intime

                Hugo Boss Shenzhen Yitian Holiday Plaza

                Hugo Boss Suzhou Sogo

                Hugo Boss Haerbin Mykal

                Hugo Boss Chengdu Yanlord Flagship Store??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

                Hugo Boss Chengdu Zongbei

                Hugo Boss Chengdu Guanghua??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

                Hugo Boss Hangzhou MixC

                Hugo Boss Shanghai IFC

                Hugo Boss Chengdu Rendong

                Hugo Boss SH Yaohan

                Hugo Boss BJ Sun Palace

                Hugo Boss BJ Cuiwei

                Hugo Boss Kunming Ginkoo

                Hugo Boss Zhengzhou Yuda Fufu

                Hugo Boss Xuzhou Golden Eagle

                Hugo Boss BJ Shuangan

                Hugo Boss CD WFJ Orange

                Hugo Boss Beijing Parkson Plaza

                Hugo Boss Grand Gateway

                Hugo Boss CD MGS Outlet

                Hugo Boss TJ Friendship

                Hugo Boss BJ Sogo

                Hyundai Beijing Reception Building


                Kent Coffee Shanghai Nanjing Rd. Shop

                KFC Hangzhou Restaurant


                L’occitance Nationwide

                La Mer Nationwide

                La Prairie Nationwide

                Lacoste Shanghai Footwear Flagship Store

                Lagerfeld Shanghai Citic Square Flagship Store

                Lamex Dongguan Showroom


                Marks & Spencer Shanghai Yugarden Shop

                Marriott Hotel - Shenyang

                Mitsubishi Electric Beijing Showroom


                Parioli Les Charmes

                Paul Smith Nanjing

                Paul Smith Taiyuan

                Piombo Nationwide

                Polo Ralph Lauren Shanghai JJD Flagship Store

                Polo Ralph Lauren SH Park Place Flagship


                Qumer Furniture Showroom


                Shanghai Duty-free Shop

                Shanghai Eastern Pearl TV Tower Galaxy Restaurant

                Shanghai Electric Power Control Center

                Shanghai Grand Gateway Plaza Jewellery Centre

                Shanghai Hartz Chicken Buffet Shop

                Shanghai International Shopping Centre

                Shanghai Lucky Department Store

                Shanghai Riviera Golf Resort Club

                Shanghai Sunjoy Department Store

                Shanghai Tongling Bowling Club

                SOCIéTé GéNéRALE Guangzhou Branch

                SOCIéTé GéNéRALE Shanghai Branch

                Sony Gallery Shanghai

                Standard Charter Xiamen Branch


                TCO Nanjing Deji

                Tiffany Service Center

                Tiffany Shanghai IFC

                Tom Tailor Beijing

                Tommy Hilfiger Hangzhou

                Tommy Hilfiger Wenzhou

                Tommy Hilfiger Beijing

                Tongling KTV Shanghai HuangPu Shop

                Tongzheng Property Beijng Office


                Ultra Beijing Office & Showroom


                Vidal Sassoon Shanghai XinTianDi Academy


                Wall Street English Institute Beijing Yinwang Center Institute

                Wall Street English Institute Shanghai Huiyin Center Institute

                Wall Street English Institute Shanghai Wandu Institute

                Wall Street English Institute Shanghai Xin Tian Di Institute

                Wenzhou Kai Tai Department Store

                Wine Residence


                Xiamen International Bank Beijing Branch

                Xiamen International Bank Shanghai Branch

                Xiamen International Bank Zhuhai Branch

                Xinjin Tianyuan Villa




                Beijing International Heart Hospital


                Changhai Hospital

                Create Beijing Health Center


                Henan Provincial People’s Hospital


                Provincial Hospital of Fujian


                Teda Center Hospital

                Teda International Cardiovascular Hospital

                The People’s No.1 Hospital of Hangzhou Xiaoshan

                Tianjin Eye Hospital

                Tianjin First Center Hospital

                Tianjin Women’s and Children’s Health Center


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